Peter Andre marks his first wedding anniversary

They've just celebrated their first wedding anniversary and what better gift to give your pregnant wife than a signed photograph of yourself - according to Peter Andre, that is.


The Aussie singer revealed he decided on the unusual present for his doctor other half, Emily, who is expecting the couple's second child - because an autograph just didn't seem 'special enough'.

"As it's our first anniversary we're supposed to give each other gifts made of paper, so I joked that I was going to give her a signed autograph - but I didn't think that was special enough, so I gave her a signed photo instead," he confessed in his weekly column for New magazine.

But luckily for Emily, who wed Peter in a lavish ceremony at Mamhead House, Exeter, in July last year, a picture of her husband's face wasn't the only gift he bestowed upon her to mark the occasion.

He added: "I can't believe it's been a year already - it's flown by! I took her to a nice hotel where she had some spa treatments. I made sure she was well looked after. The kids didn't come with us, so it was nice to have some alone time."