Best Poses for Your Wedding Pictures

Making sure your photographer knows exactly what shots you want on your big day is an important matter to discuss. There’s always a little fun to be had with your wedding photographer; here, at BravoBride, we compiled the top ten unique wedding pictures for you to try out on your big day!

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1. Together Before the Ceremony Without Seeing Eachother

If you’re superstitious and believe seeing your groom before taking your trip down the isle will bring your marriage bad luck, taking photos before the ceremony is not impossible! Finding a wall to join hands in front of is an easy way to visit one another before your big day.

2. First Look

Following a new trend in the wedding industry, many brides are deciding to show their groom what they look like before taking a trip down the isle. Doing this offers the bride and groom a private, intimate moment before the pace of their big day picks up.

3. Groom’s Perspective

While almost everyone has their eyes on the bride coming down the isle, taking a moment to capture the groom’s reaction is an important part of your big day.

4. First Kiss

Photo Credit: Bridal Musings

Your first kiss as husband and wife is a wedding photo that you will want to hold onto forever. As one of the most important pictures to snap on your big day, this picture marks the moment that you started your new life with your husband.