Local artist uses dresses to tell stories in art exhibit

Kathryn Fink, artist of the exhibit: "Usually have them at The University of North Dakota, but that space was a little small for what I wanted to do. I wanted to do something larger."

                                             A-lijn/prinses Mouwloos Assymetrisch Chiffon Handgemaakte bloem Hiel-lengte Jurken

Kathryn: "I kind of want people to think about what they are seeing, some people might not understand what they are seeing but I want them to leave hopefully connecting with one another."

Fink says collected dresses came from people throughout Minnesota. Each dress is paired with a video to help paint a story about the dress. Topics range from grief, death, sex and gender, racial discrimination and sexual assault.

Fink wanted a crowd of about 500 guests, so she reached out to local downtown businesses. Fink says HB sound and light was interested.

Tricia Halvorson Lunski, Marketing Manager of HB Sound and Light: “A lot of people don’t know we are here, we are downtown a lot of people don’t know what HB does so hopefully we can educate people and give Kathryn a great show."

Her first solo show and art exhibition called “The Dress” went on display tonight. Her exhibit was centered on one shared artifact - “the dress.” Fink says she originally got the idea of focusing on dresses about a year ago when she visualized an art show about cutting up a wedding dress. But her idea quickly changed and turned into a collection of dresses, with a story behind each dress.